About Cornerstone Technologies

Cornerstone Technologies Ltd was established in 2016 to address the increasing need for advanced non-structural skills training in line with modern vehicles and advancing technology. Specialising in advanced non-structural repair training and repair over replace training for engineers and VDA's, Cornerstone prides itself on supporting the industry to drive safe repair behaviour and sustainability as well as promoting a positive environmental change by minimising the need for new parts.

Focussing on their core values of ‘Safety, Quality and Efficiency’ and with over 25 years of worldwide knowledge and training experience, Cornerstone has established itself as the market leader in delivering a recognised standard of training that benefits all stakeholders.

Through continuous research and development, technicians are given the most up to date information on all our courses to ensure the processes, techniques and standards are consistently adhered to in each repair.

Our Mission

“To increase and improve the scope, safety, quality and efficiency of repair through advanced non-structural repair training and continuous research and development, with a view to improving the profitability, sustainability and carbon footprint of the automotive industry.” 

Cornerstone Core Benefits: