Our Equipment

Cornerstone Technologies are first and foremost a training company. You do not need to purchase equipment from Cornerstone to be eligible for training.

However, to repair vehicles it is essential to have the correct equipment to safely carry out repairs. We have worked with every type of plastic and pin pulling equipment on the market and know their abilities and limitations. We also have direct supply to the majority of models on the market which means you will avoid unnecessary costs and receive objective advice based on your specific requirements and budget.

The two main considerations when buying equipment is the return on investment and whether your technician has been trained to use it to its full potential.  

We are more than happy to train your technicians on your existing equipment to help you get the maximum amount of benefit without adding additional cost. If there is a need to purchase additional equipment, we will give you the best, impartial advice based on the technician's experience and the needs of your bodyshop.   

Benefits of Cornerstone Technologies Equipment Consultation Service: 

  • Free consultation and impartial advice on your next equipment purchase
  • Extremely competitive pricing on the majority of models in the market
  • We offer a free, no obligation, comparative quote
  • You do not need to purchase equipment to be eligible for training

Examples of the types of equipment we have available: 

  • Plastic Welding Stations
  • Hot Air Plastic Welders
  • Plastic Injection and EXT Welders
  • Push to Paint Glue Pulling Kits
  • Push to Paint Push Bar Kits
  • Steel Pin Pullers
  • Aluminium Shielded Arc Pin Pullers
  • Spot Welders
  • MIG Welders
  • 10T Riveters

Get a FREE equipment comparison quote
For more information on how to maximise your existing equipment, enquire about a particular item of equipment, or for impartial advice on your next purchase contact us on:

01482 428140