Aidan McCarron, Director – AutoTech Group

Well what can I say about Cornerstone Technologies? The training is superb and the equipment is fantastic.

We initially invested in a Nitrogen welder from another company and it helped us improve our repair scope.

However, the major impact came when we started working with Cornerstone Technologies. It was only after committing to their training that we realised how much value they could add to our business. They didn’t once focus on selling equipment but assisted us to get even more from our existing equipment through training.

The training was first class and second to none and we quickly decided to roll this out across the group. For the rollout we decided to purchase their N Series Welding station. The price included full training and we were amazed at how much was included in the package for the price. It has been a real success and it didn’t take long to realise a return on investment.

In 2017, we won Direct Line Speedy Repairer of the Year and their training, equipment and processes definitely helped us to achieve this.

In terms of a recommendation, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. We’ve seen all the positive benefits they professed to deliver, including a reduction in parts spend, plastic waste and cycle times as well as an increase in labour sales, parts being repaired and productivity.

Cornerstone are the experts in their field.

Sam Kenny - NCRC JCC Lincoln (CT-002 Advance Plastic Repair )

“The machine and training paid for itself within the first 10 jobs.

I split my time between the office and workshop and am always keen to learn new methods. Since my training with Cornerstone technologies, I look at plastic repair completely differently, both practically and from an estimating perspective.

The way the training was broken down made a very complex subject much easier to understand and replicate. Cornerstone has helped us with the balance of when it’s safe and profitable to repair and the correct method for each type of repair. 

We calculated the machine and training paid for itself within the first 10 jobs, and with the cost of some of the parts (headlights and bumpers), it’s easy to see how. The machine is the best plastic repair equipment I have ever used. However, it’s not just about the machine as there are several machines on the market, it’s all about being shown how to use the equipment in the correct way. Cornerstone break it down into easy to follow steps which have now become second nature for me.

We are now looking at booking further techs on Plastic Training and looking at attending some of the other Cornerstone courses.”

Matthew Penning, Managing Director - Pennings Group

Cornerstone Technologies' training is like no other we have experienced before, Lee Caswell has plastic repair and panel training down to a fine art.

The way the training is delivered really increases your skill set, used in conjunction with the Cornerstone tooling and consumables gives you a defined robust process that I doubt could be matched anywhere.

Training is so often delivered with weak content and poor communication. Our technicians enjoy training with Lee, the way he engages on a technical level just works with technicians, the skill set improves and rather than the training getting diluted, it progresses, Lee leaves the technicians wanting to continuously improve.

Martin Willis, General Manager - JCC Stourbridge

Lee Caswell from Cornerstone Technologies has never failed to deliver on the quality and content of his training. We have utilised his training services including VDA, aluminium and steel cosmetic repair.

One area that has made a big difference to our parts to labour percentage is the plastic repair programme.  It was so successful that I am up to my 6th trained technician now, including two of my MET techs. We won Direct Line 'Repairer of the Year' and most of the credit for that is certainly due to the hard work and determination of my team, but also I have no doubt that some element of that was attributed to Lee's understanding of the industry and the transfer of technical knowledge to my already skilled team.

Would I recommend his products and services? Selfishly, I would rather not recommend him to avoid strengthening the competition! All joking aside, be clear with your objective and Lee will assist you in making it happen. He is highly recommended.  My techs say it’s the best training they have ever had!

Kevin Gardiner - Fix Auto Wellingborough

I always thought we were quite good at the repair over replace ethos which is always in demand from our work providers. Then one day when I looked at our bumper skip and I realised we were still throwing away quite a few bumpers and other plastic parts. I'd seen various plastic repair systems at conferences and in the trade press so thought, "Let’s bite the bullet and have a look at what's out there."

Cornerstone Technologies carried out a proper demonstration which was almost free training in itself. They didn't just want to sell me some kit and run away but wanted to make sure we got the right tool for the job and for us.

They trained my guys and followed up by making sure we were continuing to sell and carry out the correct repair.

Our profit on repaired parts covered in days and is now just a money maker. The quality and level of service is simply beyond expectations.

Andreas Marakis - Dent Master, Greece

Cornerstone Technologies are very professional and have very good knowledge of their profession. Due to the sheer number of available plastics and the variety of repair methods, whenever I come across an unfamiliar plastic, we always rely on Cornerstone to support us.

On one occasion they even wrote a detailed repair method which excluded the need for metal reinforcement. This gave me confidence in the quality of the repair, its flexibility and the future safety of the part in relation to subsequent collisions. The ongoing support continues to be a big help for me and our technicians.

Martin Robson, Owner - Brian Robson Coachworks Ltd

Cornerstone's training and knowledge improves year on year and the fact that they are constantly looking to improve the programme gives me and my technicians a high level of confidence that the repairs we carry out now and in the future will be safe and of a high quality.

I have been putting my technicians through Cornerstone training courses for the past five years and I will continue to do so.

Mo Givian, Managing Director – Fix Auto Luton

I spent over two years researching plastic welding, panel repair equipment and training courses without success. I spent a lot of money on hot staple guns, hand held plastic welders and bonding kits and never really had any proper training or repair techniques as part of these purchases. Most companies just want to sell you their products.

However, when Cornerstone Technologies came to visit me, I was struck by how knowledgeable and helpful they were. It was obvious from the beginning that I had struck gold.

I knew we would benefit massively from their Medium Panel and Advanced Plastic Repair Training they offered so we booked our techs on the next available course. Cornerstone lived up to their training-first philosophy by not attempting to sell me any new product or equipment! However, we were so pleased with the training that I placed a fully bespoke equipment and material package specifically tailor-made for our needs.

For both panel and plastic repairs the decision to use Cornerstone for both training and equipment is among the best decisions we have made. Their ongoing support has also been second to none.

My advice is do not hesitate! Speak to Cornerstone and you will benefit like me from selling many, many more labour hours for your business. 

Hugh Eaglesham, Managing Director - Crash Care Centre Hitchin

We trained with Cornerstone on their Advanced Plastic Repair Program and have expanded our knowledge and repair scope significantly, we’ve seen an increase of over £6k labour per month onto our bottom line. We wish we trained with them sooner!