Cornerstone Technologies Supply 2K Apllicators to suit Merecedes Benz

To meet demand from our Mercedes Benz Approved Repairers we now supply the Beta Gun Applicators

Specifically designed for use with adhesives approved for bonding methods by Mercedes-Benz. 

When you look at your MB bonding methods it will list the correct 2K bond to use for the application, but to correctly expel the product you will need the Beta Power II for MB Part numbers in table 1

Table 1

Mecedes Benz Part Number Description
B 3 5 00260 0057 Betamate 2810LV
A 012 989 12 71 Betaforce 2850L
A 010 989 80 71 7604 Betaforce 2850
A 010 989 81 71 7604 Betaforce 2850S


If your MB Part number appears in this table use Beta Gun III      

Table 2 

Mercedes-Benz Part Number
A 168 670 00 93
A 973 670 00 93
A 006 989 77 71


This is a guide and provided for you as a reference to select the correct tooling for the repair procedure you are carrying out. This guide does not replace MB repair methods.  Cornerstone Technologies accept no liability for end user actions and strongly advise correct training prior to using any of our products or equipment.