ADAS Calibration

MI Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration Accreditation AOM 230

Course Overview
This unique module is designed to ensure that the technician has the ability to calibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It demonstrates the technician’s ability to identify and correctly interpret all ADAS systems and information relating to a vehicle and its specific ADAS features to determine which method of calibration is required.
The module trains and formally assesses the technician's ability to identify/locate and follow software-specific recalibration methods during the assessment process. They will also be trained to use the correct tools and equipment in order to demonstrate their ability to calibrate a two ADAS sensors on a vehicle with a minimum of two operating systems top meet the required qualification standards.
The IMI module - AOM 230 relates to a range of sectors irrespective of vehicle manufacturer or calibration equipment, which makes it a flexible option for businesses across industry sectors, these sectors include:

  • Light Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance
  • Light Vehicle Inspection
  • Accident Repair
  • Autoglazing

Who is this course aimed at?
This course is designed for Autoglazing Technicians, Motor Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance including Vehicle Electronic specialists, Mechanical Electrical Trim or Accident Repair Technicians who will be required to re-calibrate vehicle safety systems within a routine workshop situation.
AOM230 is intended for technicians whose job role involves working with technical vehicle diagnostic information and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) relating to all vehicle manufacturers.
Technicians looking to undertake this standalone module should be working in the automotive industry and must have relevant diagnostic experience to ensure that they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to calibrate ADAS systems.

Course Duration
1 day

Course Content
The content of this IMI Accreditation will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to recalibrate a range of ADAS technology to meet vehicle manufacturer safety standards.

What will this course provide?

  • Recognised IMI Qualification
  • Increased knowledge, skills and safety awareness
  • Increase in confidence and self worth

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