Air Conditioning Level 3

Level 3 Award In Automotive Air Conditioning Refrigerant Handling

Course Overview
This course is an EU Regulated and Defra approved qualification. The course offers a single unit solution that provides experienced automotive Bodyshop Mechanical Electrical Trim (MET) Technicians and Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Technicians with evidence that they meet the minimum F-gas requirements (EC842/2006 and annex EC307/2008).

New EU F-gas legislation (517/2014) replaces the 2006 regulation and came into force from January 2015.

This course may be delivered on site within the workplace subject to the suitability of customer equipment, business location and number of technicians enrolled. This course is not an accredited assessment. This is a regulated qualification that does not require renewal once successfully completed.

Who is this course aimed at?
This course is necessary for Bodyshop Mechanical Electrical Trim (MET) Technicians and all Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) Technicians working with cars and car derived vans. All technicians working with air conditioning systems must have achieved as a minimum requirement, a refrigerant handling qualification such as this, which fulfils the European Union F-gas regulation (EC842/2006 and annex to regulation EC307/2008).

Important note: Training and certifications in the 2014 F-Gas Regulation are based largely on the existing requirements of the 2006 regulation. Existing qualifications therefore remain valid.

Course Duration
1 day

This course may be delivered on site within the workplace subject to the suitability of customer equipment, business location and the number of technicians enrolled.

Course Content
This course delivers and short training input covering technical and safety information. An information pack containing relevant knowledge the candidates are expected to learn will be sent out prior to the date of the course. This course ensures rigour and quality of assessment by measuring the candidate's underpinning knowledge, including F-Gas regulations. Candidates must demonstrate the learning outcomes by following and achieving two assessment components set by IMI:

  • Practical assessments.
  • External online test.

Additional content has been added to unit AC1 to include refrigerant R1234yf. New online test questions have been added to the online exam to AC1r to cover properties of refrigerant R1234yf, service methods and equipment requirements.

F-Gas Regulation Guidance:

Guidance for users, producers and traders:regulation-guidance-for-users-producers-and-traders

For all enquiries relating to F Gas and ODS Regulations contact the Environment Agency:

What will this course provide?

  • Successful candidates will be issued with an IMI Certificate showing they are compliant
  • Proof of current competence meeting the necessary regulations
  • Increase in confidence and self worth
  • Exposure to new skills and techniques

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