Electric/Hybrid Level 3

Level 3 Award In Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair & Replacement

Course Overview
This course contains the knowledge and skills required to work safely on any Electric/Hybrid vehicle including the repair and replacement of high voltage systems. This one day course provides in depth knowledge and practical training of this specialised industry sector which in addition to complimenting their current industry qualifications and experience, will enable vehicle maintenance and repair technicians to continue to work safely on any Electric/Hybrid vehicle, but also the capability to work on any high voltage components and their systems.

All delegates will be presented with a free PPE Safety Pack, which includes the necessary compliant Class Zero Rated High Voltage rubber gloves, leather Electrical Protection Gauntlets, cloth under-gloves and a full faced visor as part of the course.

We also offer an advanced package which includes training for one technician as well as the Full EV Workshop Pack which is usually purchased separately from the training. The pack includes class zero PPE, high voltage testing equipment, insulated tooling and safety signs necessary for employers to be EV compliant.

NOTE: Employers must possess the high voltage tooling and equipment, necessary for technicians to work safely on any Electric/Hybrid vehicle. Employers are able to purchase our full EV Workshop pack at a hugely discounted rate as part of the training package. For further details regarding the employers equipment requirements for this course, please contact the RWC Training Centre on 01908 929996.

Who is this course aimed at?
This course is designed for Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Mechanical Electrical Trim or Accident Repair Technicians who may encounter Electric/Hybrid vehicles within a routine working situation.

The course is aimed at skilled technicians who have an interest in gaining the technical knowledge and practical skills to work safely when carrying out routine maintenance activities on Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

Individuals interested in taking this course will need to possess appropriate practical experience of 2 years or more in vehicle maintenance and / or repair at NVQ level 3, Senior IMI Accreditation or equivalent.

We recommend the Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Routine Maintenance Activities prior to this qualification as a progression route suitable for the less experienced technician, but is not a prerequisite for this course.

Course Duration
1 day

Course Content
The content of this qualification will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to work safely on Electric/Hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out routine maintenance and repair activities including high voltage components and systems. This may include vehicles that may have or had damage to their high energy/electrical system. It contains two mandatory units EV2.2 and EV3. EV2.2 covers all of the skills and knowledge from IMI Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Routine Maintenance Activities and EV3 covers skills in:

  • working safely on electric/hybrid vehicles.
  • using information to carry out the task.
  • carrying out repairs on high energy electrical systems.
  • recording information and making suitable recommendations.

What will this course provide?

  • Recognised IMI Qualification
  • Increased knowledge, skills and safety awareness
  • Increase in confidence and self worth

Delegates successfully completing this qualification will acquire significant core knowledge and the ability to work safely around, and safely maintain Electric/Hybrid vehicles and their high voltage components.

For further information,please contact Cornerstone Technologies on 01295 232795 or at info@cornerstonetechnologies.co.uk