Plastic Repair Training

Plastic Repair (CT-001)

Course Overview

Plastic Repair is a one-day training course designed to support your technicians to safely carry out basic plastic repairs using standard repair techniques. At the end of the course, technicians will be able to carry out standard plastic repairs using resin bond and basic welding techniques.

Who is the Course Aimed At?

Plastic Repair is aimed at paint, MET or panel technicians and apprentices looking to expand their current skill sets and repair efficiency. This course is open to all levels of technicians and does not require any previous plastic experience.

Course Content

  • Safety guidelines: when is it safe to repair?
  • Introduction to plastic
  • Understanding the different types of plastic: thermoset and thermoplastics
  • Identifying the correct repair method
  • Introduction to plastic repair methods: resin repair and hot air

What Will Delegates Learn?

  • When it is safe to repair plastic
  • The different types of repair methods
  • When to weld and when to bond
  • How to repair common areas of damage (eg, clips and minor bumper splits)
  • How to identify and minimise common plastic repair issues

Key Bodyshop Benefits

  • Improve the quality and safety of repairs
  • Increase the volume of repairs
  • Sell more labour hours and reduce parts spend
  • Improve profitability

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