Push to Paint Training

Advanced Push to Paint (CT-006)

Course Overview

Advanced Push to Paint is a 2-day training course designed to enable technicians to rapidly reduce areas of damage using advanced glue pulling and basic push bar techniques. At the end of the course, technicians will be able to safely and quickly reduce areas of damage, material usage and the overall repair time across both steel and aluminium substrates as well as on electric vehicles

Who is the Course Aimed At?

Advanced Push to Paint is aimed at Panel, Paint, MET technicians and apprentices looking to expand their current skill sets and repair efficiency. This course is open to all levels of technicians and does not require any panel repair experience.

Course Content

  • Safety guidelines: when is it safe to repair?
  • Basic push bar techniques
  • Advanced glue pulling techniques
  • Identifying the correct material
  • Selecting the right combination of tooling
  • How to assess and safely carry out steel, aluminium and electric/hybrid vehicle repairs

What Will Delegates Learn?

  • How to analyse damage
  • How to rapidly reduce the overall area of damage
  • How to use light board reflection
  • How to cross check from different angles
  • How to safely assess and carry out steel, aluminium and electric/hybrid vehicle repairs

Key Bodyshop Benefits

  • Increase safety and quality of repair
  • Increase scope and efficiency of repair
  • Reduce material costs
  • Sell more labour hours and reduce parts spend
  • Improve profitability

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