Repair Over Replace

Repair Over Replace for Collision Repair Professionals (CT-007)

Course Overview

Repair Over Replace for Collision Repair Professionals is a one-day training course designed to give first-hand experience of modern repair techniques in line with advancing technologies and the skill sets of technicians. At the end of the course, delegates will know exactly what technicians are capable of repairing and understand the positive commercial impact of repair over replace.

Who is the Course Aimed At?

Repair Over Replace Training for Collision Repair Professionals is aimed at qualified VDAs, field and image engineers, network managers, bodyshop owners/managers, workshop controllers and call centre triage staff.

Course Content

  • Overview of our Advanced Plastic, Steel, Aluminium and Push to Paint training courses
  • Understanding the importance of clear communication and valid supporting evidence
  • Understanding the capabilities and skill set of a trained technician
  • Theory and practical sessions demonstrating what can be repaired
  • Understanding the commercial benefits of repair over replace for the bodyshop and work provider
  • Positive labour negotiation techniques

What Will Delegates Learn?

  • What technicians can repair
  • When it is safe to repair
  • The benefits of repair over replace
  • When it is profitable to repair
  • The commercial benefits of repair over replace

Key Benefits

  • Improved communication between the work provider and bodyshop
  • Greater understanding of what a trained technician can safely repair
  • Increased labour sales and improved profitability
  • Reduced average repair costs and vehicle off road times

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